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We understand that every event is unique. We pride ourselves on being a versatile, lightweight and classy solution to your live entertainment needs, able to deliver exactly what your Wedding, Party, Function or Venue requires, whether it is background ambiance or an eclectic focus of entertainment.


Our most requested line-ups. As an acoustic duo (acoustic guitar with backing vocals and lead vocalist) or trio (acoustic guitar with backing vocals, lead vocalist and percussion), we offer a lightweight and intimate option for live entertainment.  Ideal for cocktail bars, brasseries, drinks receptions, wedding ceremonies and smaller wedding receptions, barbeques, acoustic festivals, birthday serenades - just about anything - this combo has it covered!



A fuller live line-up if you are seeking a bit more bounce to the ounce at you event, whilst retaining a lightweight sophisticated acoustic vibe. As above, simply add bass for oomph, or a sparkle of piano/keys - or both! Also available with the option of electric instead of acoustic guitar, and full live drums, if its a party band you need and acoustic just won't cut it at your event.


Not sure what's right for you?


Whatever your event, we can cater for it. Just contact us and ask.

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